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Marabu Artist Spray Paint – finest quality

The exceptional spray paint for unique artwork

Marabu has developed the Artist Spray Paint for the most sophisticated artistic requirements. Artist Spray Paint offers impressive artists’ quality in 48 colours. The water-based, highly pigmented paints with a low VOC content are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are an addition to the Marabu Artist Acryl paint range that was introduced in 2016 and are therefore perfectly coordinated with the corresponding acrylic paints.

Artist Spray Paint offers a fascinating colour palette of 48 colours in the 400 ml can. The paints are water-soluble after application, but dry so that they are water-resistant with an elegant matt finish. The spray paint was designed and manufactured for the highest requirements. The weather-resistant, satin-finish varnish is suitable for many surfaces and therefore has a variety of uses. The paint is highly opaque, brilliant and has ideal flow properties. It is water-based and produces significantly reduced odour. Less odour therefore means more freedom The high pigmentation of the paints and very good light fastness ensure lasting colour intensity without fading and therefore lasting pleasure from the work created.

The colours are coordinated with the Marabu Artist Acryl acrylic paint range and can therefore be optimally combined – this opens up a wide variety of possible applications and creates unique results.

Artist Spray Paint was developed for artists, hobby painters and creative beginners. An A5 booklet provides information about the product and an overview of the colours with their detailed properties and pigment names according to the Colour Index. Artist Spray Paint together with Artist Acryl and the acrylic assortments are strikingly presented in black graphic packaging and a professional, attention-grabbing POS display.

Marabu Artist Spray Paint creates freedom and impresses with premium quality for the creation of unique, charismatic artwork.


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