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Vintage style home décor with Marabu Chalky-Chic

Lovingly give individual items a nostalgic look…

Marabu will present its “jewel in the crown” at Creativeworld 2016, the Chalky-Chic range for all DIY enthusiasts. Furniture and home accessories are transformed into individual vintage items with a trendy shabby-chic style with chalk paints, varnishes, glues and effective media.

The vintage look is all the rage – especially when it comes to home décor! The love for the style of bygone years emphasises individuality. The hint of a majestic age and artistically elaborate details turn your furniture and home accessories into favourites pieces. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new things – the right look is essential. Vintage and modern can be combined at will. This is vintage charm from the past for modern people with today’s lifestyle!

There are different ways to give large and small furniture a nostalgic charm. Marabu has designed an elaborate range for these techniques that can be used to easily transform furniture, boxes, vases and many other items into great vintage masterpieces. The desired appearance is achieved using special chalk paints in pastel shades, with varnishes, glues and effective media as well as the appropriate brushes and tools. Give old items a chic look. Give new items a vintage look. The coherent concept offers application ideas and instructions besides quality products, inviting you to do things yourself and giving you assurance in your approach and combination of products. Five video tutorials that clearly explain the different techniques were created in cooperation with the blogger Liz from Restore, upcycle, restyle – beloved everyday objects are brought to life again with the vintage look from Marabu.

Chalky-Chic chalk paints

The new ultra matt, water-based paints transform any individual piece into an unmistakable and unique object with a modern nostalgic look. All objects with surfaces made of wood, MDF, papier mâché, glass, metal, paper, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, canvas or plastic are suitable for painting. You can choose from a full range of 17 beautiful, highly opaque and weather-resistant shades that can be combined or mixed together. They give the designed pieces a velvety finish and a variety of fascinating used looks – depending on the technique.

A second colour is visible through the top coat of paint with the sanding technique. The surface is given the majestic look and feel of a beloved and frequently touched heirloom in no time at all. A characteristic surface is created with two shades of colour using the dry technique. A previously smooth surface is given a brushed appearance and a textured surface acquires depth that is visible and tangible. The wet technique creates an elegant wash effect. The second application of paint is wiped off immediately with a damp cloth so that it is only remains visible in the grooves.

Transfer Medium

Unique personal items are created with the new Transfer Medium and printed sayings, photos, designs or ornaments. A laser print adds a statement to furniture and nostalgic labels to storage containers or inventively eternalises an old family photo on a wooden board.

Crackle Medium

The Crackle Medium creates delightful cracks that give mysterious depth in combination with chalk paint. The colourless, water-based Crackle Medium breaks up the top layer of paint based on a tried and tested formula and reveals the colour below in the cracks – a fascinating effect. Designed objects adopt the aura of an antique family heirloom in no time at all.

Decoupage Glue

Decoupage Glue along with paper or serviettes and chalk paints transform furniture into real gems. The colourless and water-based Decoupage Glue is suitable for two-dimensional designs on a wide variety of surfaces. Whether modern, playful or romantic: it will become a favourite individual piece and an eye-catcher in your own personal style.

Protective Wax

The liquid Chalky-Chic Protective Wax that is specially designed for indoor use protects the designed furniture and accessories and preserves the antique look of your favourite pieces. The Protective Wax is available in transparent as well as in patina brown and patina white (for textured objects). The transparent wax is ideal for use with the sanding technique to protect the bottom coat of paint against abrasion whilst the top layer is sanded. Patina brown and white remain in the grooves of the objects and create a great antique effect.

Matt Varnish

Objects designed for outdoor use, such as in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, are given protection again the influences of weather, light and scratches with the water-based Matt Varnish. The soft Matt Varnish also gives your pieces a velvety soft surface.

Blackboard and magnetic paint

Create individual memo boards and blackboards in a trendy vintage style – this can be achieved if Marabu Blackboard and Magnetic Paints are combined with Chalky-Chic chalk paints. Marabu Magnetic Paint creates practical magnetic surfaces. A layer of Marabu Blackboard Paint creates a multifunctional memo board where you can leave personal messages with chalk and fasten postcards with magnets. Painting the frame with the Chalky-Chic chalk paints adds a finishing touch to the practical board, creating the desired used look with vintage charm.

Brushes and tools

Work becomes a pleasure with the right tool because furniture, boxes, vases and many other items can be transformed much easier by hand with the right brushes. The brushes from the Marabu Decoration & Hobby range make it easy to apply chalk paints or varnishes. The brushes from the Marabu Robust range are ideal to use for the dry technique. The stencilling brushes are ideal for applying the Transfer Medium and for embellishing with Marabu Stencils.

Online services: The separate Chalky-Chic website presents the new products in a clear and user-friendly manner. The techniques are explained with the aid of great models in the gallery wall. These features and the new video tutorials make you want to discover the new Marabu product range:





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