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Marabu do it – a new look and new features!

The stunning colour spray for all big and small projects...

Marabu presents the do it Colour Spray in a new design and with brand new features and offers an ideal product range for big and small DIY projects especially for hobbyists. The formulation has been optimised and many new colours and effects have been added to the product range and the products now stand out in an attention-grabbing and vibrant new look. In addition, new stencil designs inspire with great application ideas.

Let’s get spraying! Every object will become your favourite piece with the many new colours and effect sprays! But why spray? It’s quite simple: spraying produces fast, wonderfully easy, fantastic results with a smooth, even surface without visible brush strokes. Spraying is also easier than painting with a brush, especially on objects that have many corners and edges. This is because the paint can easily get into the smallest of gaps. It is ideal for successful DIY projects on paper, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, baskets or paintable plastics. Many colours are even suitable for polystyrene without prior use of a primer.

Do you fancy unusual blackboards for the wall? Do you want to turn an old car tyre into a bright and colourful swing? Do you want to revamp tables, vases or lamps and give them a fresh new look? The high-quality Marabu do it Colour Spray offers a huge variety of classic tones, trend colours and many effects.

The blackboard spray is brand new. You can use it to create decorative blackboard surfaces at the press of a button that can be written on with chalk and cleaned with water. Another new product is the Reflecting Steel Effect Spray that provides a sparkling metallic effect, while Antique Steel gives a shimmering antique look. 10 new satin-finish trend colours provide boundless spraying fun. The new formulation scores points with its extremely fast drying and excellent coverage. The better abrasion resistance and the reduced spray mist radius also now make it even easier to use the spray.

All of this is expressed in the new, modern product design and in the attention-grabbing POS display – the new, compact Euroshop and the themed display are real eye-catchers.

The 10 product lines with a total of 64 colours are optimally presented here.

do it Satin Matt inspires with 35 classic, highly brilliant, satin-finish colours as well as trendy pastel shades. do it Neon offers five bright day-glow colours with full brilliance on light-coloured surfaces. do it Gloss inspires with four highly brilliant, glossy colours. do it High Gloss impresses with a high-gloss gold and silver metallic look. do it Metallic scores points with four particularly stylish metallic effects, while do it Glitter brings a touch of magic with two fascinating glitter effects. do it Pearl sparkles with four slightly shimmering colours in a mother-of-pearl look. The three new Reflecting Steel Sprays turn every object into your sparkling favourite piece. do it Antique Steel gives old objects a stylish designer look in three colour variants. And the new do it Chalkboard Blackboard Spray can be used to create black or green blackboards that can be written on with chalk and cleaned with water once they have dried.

The Technical Sprays are a perfect addition to the do it product range. The Universal Primer ensures perfect paint adhesion on especially tricky surfaces and also protects against rust. The UV-resistant varnishes provide transparent protection against the effects of intense sunlight. Stencils are fixed simply and securely with the clear Stencil Adhesive Spray so that they cannot slip. Razor-sharp designs are guaranteed.

Marabu do it Colour Sprays can be optimally combined with the new stencil designs. 32 new designs are available in different formats and ultra-modern inspiring designs. From the Speech Bubble that is ideal for the blackboard spray and the Colourful Pineapple to the Sassy Trainers – there is something to suit everyone. The stencils are of course also ideal for using with other Marabu paints.


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