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Marabu Graphix is tip-top!

Two new twin-tipped Graphix Markers

Marabu Graphix is the innovative drawing range for professional and amateur artists. Launched four years ago, it has become an internationally successful part of the Marabu range and still offers a young, fresh design and concept. Graphix provides the tools you need to get creative ideas down on paper. The range has now been expanded to include two great new products: the Graphix Sketch Marker and the Graphix Permanent Marker, a pair of alcohol-based pens that open up new opportunities for sketching out ideas.

Graphix Sketch Marker

A twin-tipped pro. The alcohol-based Sketch Marker comes with not one, but two Japanese tips. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can create either fine contour lines or thick wedge ones. By using the 1 mm contour tip, you opt for a particularly fine line style, whereas the 1 – 7 mm wedge tip can be used to create wide lines, wedges, three-dimensional shading and impressive colour gradients. The Sketch Marker skilfully masters illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more. Thanks to the easy-to-hold pen body, the artist can keep a firm grip on even the wildest of sketches.

The high-quality, alcohol-based ink makes the colours look particularly vibrant and intense. The brilliant ink is also low odour and quick drying. Overlaying several layers of colour intensifies the colour depth, ideal for designing dynamic shading and colour gradients. The best results are achieved on special marker paper with a barrier layer. The Sketch Marker colours can be mixed as long as they are still wet. The special blender can be used to reduce the colour intensity and blur colour transitions. The markers are available in 28 colour shades.

All three available packs of Graphix Sketch Markers (ALPHA ROBOT, HEAT and SUGARHOLIC) include carefully selected colour combinations in cool, eye-catching packaging:

Create brightly coloured or achromatic drawings, but always with sharp details – thanks to the two packs of six markers: ALPHA ROBOT and HEAT. ALPHA ROBOT contains Warm Grey and Cool Grey paints in three different intensities – ideal for shading or learning to draw three dimensionally. HEAT contains all the basic colours. Combined, the two sets therefore make a great team. The colourful SUGARHOLIC set of 12 markers can be used to realise even large drawing projects. It gives beginners everything they need for their first artistic forays into the world of designers and creative minds.

GRAPHIX Permanent Marker

The permanent pro with a twin tip and clip has a 1 – 2 mm fibre tip and an extra fine 0.5 mm metal-clad plastic tip. The lid features a practical clip that enables the alcohol-based marker to be quickly and flexibly clipped onto a sketchpad or shirt pocket. The new Graphix Permanent Markers are perfect for adding permanent designs to a wide range of surface materials. Draw and write in two line thicknesses – an easy job for the ink, which is also water resistant and smudge proof once dry. The ingenious Permanent Marker is a pro in all areas, adhering to both many absorbent as well as many smooth surfaces. Depending on the colour, the low odour ink is transparent to opaque and cannot be mixed. The permanent universal pen is the ideal companion for the new Marabu Alcohol Inks and makes it possible to add further designs or lettering to the colourful backgrounds. The markers are available in 28 colour shades.

The three Graphix Permanent Marker packs ONCE UPON A TIME, SIGNIFICANT and HERO OF GALAXY also offer carefully selected colour combinations in striking packaging:

The ONCE UPON A TIME pack of four Marabu Graphix Permanent Markers is a genuine classic and contains red, green, blue and black pens for truly fantastic colour combinations. The 12-pack SIGNIFICANT is ideal for creating colourful designs and lettering on a wide range of backgrounds, while the choice of 24 colours in the HERO OF GALAXY pack is simply galactic. This wide range of markers is sure to make you feel like a hero.

Brushes to go – the new water tank brushes

The Graphix range has also been further expanded to include the new water tank brushes. The tank can be unscrewed and filled with water, ready to take anywhere and use whenever you need it. No additional water container or on-site access to water is required, making this a practical solution for on the go and ideal for urban sketchers as well as artists of all abilities who want to be ready to draw at the drop of a hat. Made from high-quality nylon threads, the brush hairs are robust and easy to clean. The practical tool is ideal in combination with Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink, watercolour paints or Aqua Pens.

Marabu Graphix impresses at the POS with a strong appearance that is easy to recognise. The A5 brochure with a bold design provides an overview of the product range. Discover Marabu Graphix!


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