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17. MARCH 2022 / PRODUCT

GREEN von Marabu – Creativity meets nature

The new waterbased alkyd paint with vegetable-oil-based ingredients

We proudly present: Marabu GREEN, the new vegetable-oil-based alkyd paint. The water-based paint formula has been newly developed by Marabu and is made of at least 92% natural raw materials. Even the GREEN tube and packaging concept set new standards. It also goes without saying that, like all other Marabu products, Marabu GREEN is carbon neutral.

GREEN is Marabu’s new water-based paint system. The alkyd paint with vegetable-oil-based raw materials is a genuine alternative for art and hobby projects. More and more people are committed to buying sustainable products, not just with regard to food or cosmetics, but also in the hobby and leisure sector. Marabu GREEN is vegan and made of at least 92% natural raw materials (incl. water and substances from renewable raw materials). The paint is sustainably produced in Germany in a carbon neutral process. Its properties are a great asset for both artists using canvas and creative hobby users painting on a variety of surfaces. Finally, painting and crafts you can feel good about!

At Marabu we are taking a further step into a responsible future with our GREEN paint system. GREEN stands for innovation in terms of the conservation of resources, sustainability, environmental protection and climate protection with the highest quality and processing standards. Marabu’s production has been carbon neutral since July 2021 – meaning that Marabu GREEN, like all other Marabu products, is carbon neutral. Marabu GREEN is a newly developed product from the company’s own laboratory – a water-based formula containing plant-oil-based ingredients, i.e. renewable raw materials, that the team has been working hard on for over a year.

The packaging plays a decisive role too. As such, we have not only carefully tested and selected the ingredients of the paint but also the packaging. The cardboard boxes of our GREEN sets have a recycled content of at least 95% and are so beautiful that they can also be painted, creatively upcycled and reused in a variety of ways. All packaging is naturally recyclable.

In designing the Marabu GREEN tube, we focussed on material savings. The laminated tube has a thinner wall thickness, which reduces material usage by up to 30% compared to a conventional tube. It also allows the tube to be emptied completely so that the very last remnants of paint can be used, significantly reducing product waste. The tube body with collar is 50% made from renewable raw materials. Thanks to the tube being made of the mono-material HDPE, it is 100% recyclable, as is the lid. The two parts simply need to be separately placed in the recycling bin. The result: an all-round sustainable concept.

Marabu GREEN is a water-based alkyd paint. What makes this paint system so innovative is that the alkyd resins produced from polyvalent alcohols and natural oils are dissolved in water. This water-based technology enables such a high content of 92% natural raw materials and therefore offers a genuine alternative.

Thanks to carefully selected colour pigments, Marabu GREEN guarantees a wide repertoire of intensely vivid shades, from bright and colourful to timelessly discreet and from delicate pastel finishes to shimmering metallic effects. Furthermore, the paints are just as safe and offer an equally long shelf life as comparable acrylic paints, as the longer paints can be used, the better they are for users and the environment. Available in a 100 ml tube, GREEN comes in 24 vivid shades, including two metallic colours. The matt paints with a creamy consistency can naturally be mixed together and can be easily applied with a brush or roller. They are suitable for paper, cardboard, wood, MDF, stone, cork and many other materials. They are light-fast and weather-proof once dry subject to good adhesion (dust and grease-free surface).

Beautiful objects can be created with both of the GREEN sets: BASIC and BOHO. When no other suitable surface is to hand, users can simply pick up a brush and paint the sturdy, high-quality cardboard box to create a new, custom-designed container for photos, jewellery or gifts that is sure to be an instant favourite. A design suggestion is pictured on every set. Pimp your box!

The BOHO set offers a carefully selected mix of five stylish colours: mistletoe, cream beige, slate, cream white and metallic gold. The BASIC set contains the five classic basic colours of sunshine yellow, bright red, azure blue, cream white and black in a practical, reusable box.

GREEN line: Marabu GREEN is complemented by an extensive range of accessories

GREEN PAD – NATURE MIX  By-products are produced when processing fruit, vegetables and nuts in the agricultural and food industry. Rather than being disposed of, these give our Nature Mix paper a very special characteristic. The matt paper with a textured surface is sustainably produced, biodegradable, recyclable and FSC® certified (FSC-C118917). The pad contains 20 DIN A4 sheets in five different naturally bright versions (four sheets of each of the five colours).

GREEN PAD – WHITE  The classic is a must-have! The matt, bright white paper is made of 100% waste paper. It is sustainably produced, biodegradable, recyclable and FSC® certified. Paint, add text, cut and stick – a simple sheet of bright white paper.

GREEN BRUSHES  Brushes are essential; without them you can’t do anything. Our GREEN brushes with vegan bristles are extremely versatile. The brush handles are made of untreated FSC® certified wood (wood from forests managed to the highest standards). Available as a set of 3 or 5, the GREEN brushes come in the standard sizes with flat and round tips.

GREEN MULTIPURPOSE GLUE not only bonds to new materials, it also gives used or damaged objects a second life. The cream-coloured glue is made of at least 96% natural raw materials (incl. water and substances from renewable raw materials). It is vegan and contains vegetable oil-based raw materials. It is suitable for use on paper, cardboard, cork, polystyrene and many other materials. The practical tube contains 100 ml.

The GREEN line product presentation is modern and attractive. The new A5 brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the range. The new products are available from April 2022.


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