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Marabu Home & Decoration – get the style!

For home environments with an individual style…

Marabu Home & Decoration is the new range for designing individual home environments. The modern overall concept offers entirely new, fascinating special-effect paints and stunning sets in addition to classic types of paints to create a variety of home decoration styles.

 “Show me how you live and I will tell you who you are”. Your home is a reflection of your soul. People’s personalities are as diverse as their style of living. Industrial, shabby, glamour or hygge – the design of home decoration with a personal style is all the rage. The new Marabu Home & Decoration colours, special-effect paints and assortments now provide even more possibilities and thereby fun to express yourself with paints.

Marabu Home & Decoration brings together new and existing products in a coherent overall concept. Marabu Home & Decoration stands out from existing lines with high-quality paints, coordinated ideas and the unique characteristics of many paints. The Berlin Flip Flop special-effect paint is actually an absolute innovation for the market. Users will immediately be familiar with the comprehensible theme. The five accompanying video tutorials show you how it works and make you want to do DIY. Twelve themed sets provide equipment to go with the paints. Fast application and the assurance of effective results are guaranteed.

The world trip begins and takes users into 13 worlds of colour full of emotions and associations. The names alone – Venice Pearl, Scandinavian Glaze or New York Neon – allow you to immerse yourself in the appropriate world, in their colours, their materials and atmosphere.

Venice Pearl pearl effect paint – a sparkling dance of colours to magical sounds.

The semi-translucent, subtle pearl effect paint conjures up elegantly shimmering effects in 6 pastel colours on nearly all surfaces. Pearl white, grey, rose pink, green, blue and lilac are available in a 100 ml tube. The “Lovely Place” offers 2 colours and a Decoration & Hobby brush.

Scandinavian Glaze – a warm cosiness with wood grain and colours with character.

The anti-run wood glaze for working with wood was specially developed for untreated wood. The wide range of 18 shades includes trendy natural colours, such as mistletoe, stone grey, graphite or light blue and 9 charming shimmer colours in a 50 ml jar.

Iceland Crackle – colour and cracks create fissured surfaces.

The combination of the medium and colour create a fascinating cracked effect. The two-component system offers a colourless medium (crackle lacquer) and 8 special colours – mistletoe, cocoa, bordeaux, stone grey, powder pink, pastel yellow, lagoon and edelweiss – in a 50 ml jar and 225 ml can. Medium, 2 colours in a 50 ml jar and a paint knife are also available in the Nordic Nature set.

Himalaya Stone – rocky resistance and elementary harmonies for strong contrasts.

The stone-effect paste for the effective colouring of stone in 6 colours – light concrete, dark concrete, sandstone, stone grey, graphite and granite. The anti-run, opaque paste in a 100 ml tube is suitable for applying with a spatula and can be painted over and sanded.

 Nevada Rust – a rough play of colours like red sand in the desert wind

The rust effect paint mimics the oxidation of metals. Dabbing on all three colours creates a deceptively real look and feel of rust. The “Industrial Design” design set includes 3 colours in a 50 ml jar, 3D powder, a Robust brush and a sponge.

Colorado gold metallic-effect paint – an intoxicating splendour in dazzling colours. 

All paints have a particularly intense depth of colour, a metallic shimmer and excellent yield. 27 individual colours are available in a 50 ml jar and 225 ml can for gilding different materials. 3 colours and a Decoration & Home brush are available in both of the sparkling “Modern Concept” and “Casual Loft-Style” sets.

Yukon Gold Cream – polished to a high sheen to create really magnificent specimens.

The metallic, shimmering colours are creamy and waxy. Just like with real precious metal, the gloss level is determined by the effort and time spent polishing, depending on personal preferences. The metallic effect cream is available in 9 colours in a 50 ml jar.

New York Neon – highlights in a crazy street style.

The fluorescent black light or day-glow paint transforms any object into a striking eye-catcher. The 5 translucent neon colours work best on light-coloured surfaces. They are available in a 100 ml tube and are accompanied by the “Joy of Life” set (2 colours and 1 Art Painter).

London Chalkboard Blackboard Paint – nonchalance and handwritten elegance.

Blackboards that you can write on with chalk are indispensable in the decorating sector. The 6 colours in a 100 ml tube offer the perfect base for notes and artistic hand lettering.

 Vegas Glitter Glitter Paste – it’s show time for diamond glitter.

The special-effect paste refracts the light and reflects it like 1000 small diamonds. The thick paste is suitable for applying with a brush, spatula or stencilling for a glittering 3D effect. The 9 sparkling colours are available in 50 ml and 225 ml and in two sets: “City Life” and “Sparkling Chic”, each with 2 colours, 2 great stencils and a paint knife.

Havanna Patina – expressive paints that portray the splendour of colonial times.

Realistic patina effects create the charm of a bygone era. The patina effect provides a visual and tactile experience in combination with the find sand paste. Three colours in 50 ml, 1 metallic Liner, 1 sponge and 1 Robust brush are available in the “Vintage Style” set.

Berlin Flip-Flop – a play of light with iridescent reflections.

The multi-tone paint changes in a fascinating play of colours depending on the way the light falls on it and the angle at which you look at it.

The sparkling paint is most effective on dark surfaces. The “Freak Out” set includes Flip-Flop paint, Decormatt Black in 50 ml, an Art Painter and Decoration & Hobby brush.

Decor Soft – so soft that you can hardly keep your hands off it.

The acrylic soft paint covers items with a velvety-soft surface. The highly opaque, high-yield Decor Soft is available in 18 colours in 50 ml and 225 ml and is accompanied by the “Urban Look” and “Pure Style” sets (each with 3 colours in 50 ml and 1 Decoration & Hobby brush).

Counter displays, the A5 brochure and other materials are an eye-catcher at the POS. Discover Home & Decoration in the world of Marabu Creative Colours!


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