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17. MAY 2018 / PRODUCT

Marabu KIDS brings colour into play!

The new product line for colourful ideas for children …

Marabu offers a coherent concept for children’s paints with the new Marabu KIDS product line. Finger paints, craft paints, Window Color, textile and porcelain paint markers, creative sets and books designed specifically for the products are only the beginning of the new range that will be gradually expanded with other products. The design of the new Marabu children's line is fresh, transparent and child-friendly.

 All Marabu products for children are grouped together in the new Marabu KIDS product line and the successful mara by Marabu brand products will be integrated step-by-step in order to offer retailers a coherent overall concept for children. All products meet the highest quality and safety standards – with the “made in Germany” quality seal.

Marabu KIDS Finger Paint - children from the age of 2 happily immerse themselves in a new colourful world. Marabu KIDS offers on-trend colours, new effects and a modern design. The formulation has been enhanced, the colour selection has been revised and on-trend colours have been added, such as pink and light blue. The four new glossy metallic paints in rose pink, lilac, blue and silver are gorgeous. The 14 colours in total can be easily removed from the practical 100 ml wide-neck cans so that it is safe and easy for children from the age of 2 to encounter their first paint experiences with a brush or their fingers. The water-based paints are vegan, lactose and gluten-free and are free of parabens. A bitter agent prevents children putting the paints in their mouth and swallowing them. If something goes amiss, the paints can be washed out in a washing machine from a temperature of 30 °C. The set of 4 brings together the primary colours: red, green, yellow and blue – tactile activities and experimenting and mixing colours are an important fundamental experience for children. Another set of 4 offers fascinating special effects with the new metallic paints. Children will also find black and white in addition to the primary colours in the set of 6.

Children from the age of 3 can bring the figures to life in the two new children's books:

Dot and Dash Finger Printing - children and parents bring fun figures and animals to life during an exciting story with colourful finger prints. This allows very small children to already experience how they themselves can create things with colours and shapes.

The book offers more than 100 fun motifs with detailed step-by-step instructions in pictures and 4 x 35 ml Marabu KIDS Finger Paints.

All My Little Fingers – fun figures and animals are brought to life with finger and hand prints. The interactive book allows children to experience how they themselves can create the colourful figures from the story with their hands, paint and a bit of help from their parents. The book offers more than 27 motifs with detailed step-by-step instructions in pictures and 4 x 35 ml Marabu KIDS Finger Paints.

Marabu KIDS Craft Paint offers a selection of 11 colours in an 80 ml bottle and the creative set includes 6 intense, vivid colours. The quick-drying, water-based paint with very good coverage was developed for children from the age of 3. The universal paint is creamy, easy to spread and ideal for free-hand painting and mixing as well as for applying many techniques, such as stencilling, stamping and applying with a paint knife. 12 colours are also available in 500 ml for the high demand in nursery schools and schools. The paints are suitable for paper and cardboard but also for pebbles, wood, glass and ceramic and can be washed out of most textiles from a temperature of 30 °C.

Marabu KIDS Window Color Paint is a removable, water-based window paint for children from the age of 3. It adheres to all smooth surfaces, such as glass, mirror, tiles or film. Paint, peel off, done! It is really easy to use – and the motifs can be removed really easily again if you want to decorate the window with another motif.

KIDS Window Color Creative Sets provide much fun for designing transparent space and jungle window clings. The sets each includes 6 Liners with 25 ml Window Color, an A3 painting template and A4 painting film.

KIDS Porcelain & Glass Painters offer 13 bright colours and three assortments with a selection of 3, 5 and 10 markers. The markers have a filter system, non-slip shaft and robust 1-3 mm universal tip and are suitable for children from the age of 3. After fixing, the hand-decorated items can even be washed in a dishwasher up to a temperature of 50 °C. The 5 creative sets offer great painting fun with funny piggy banks, teddies, ducks or egg cups. The Money Pig, Money Piggy, Money Bear, Money Duck and Morning Friends sets each combine 2 painters with high-quality porcelain figures and are great gifts for creative children.

KIDS Textile Markers for children from the age of 3. The water-based textile markers can be used to create great designs on light-coloured natural fabrics, e.g. on T-shirts, shoes or bags (max. 20% synthetic fibres). The textile markers with a filter system are easy to use and have a thick, easy to hold shaft and robust 2 mm universal tip. After fixing, the paints are wash-resistant up to 60 °C. Marabu KIDS Textile Markers are available in a set of 5 and an assortment of 10.

Many more products and exciting sets will be added to the KIDS range in the course of 2018 and provide novelties and variety in the product range.

Counter displays, the A5 brochure and other materials in a modern, compact and fresh design are an eye-catcher at the POS. Discover the new brand world of Marabu Creative Colours!




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