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Marabu KiDS Little Artist – time to brighten things up!

The new art and crafts paint for little artists

Children love to paint! The Marabu KiDS Little Artist range has been specially developed for children from the age of 3. Meeting the highest quality and safety standards Little Artist art and crafts paint and it’s accessory range of brushes, paper and painting tools ensures that children   can freely conquer a world full of creative ideas.

Children are masters of letting their imagination run wild- intuitively, spontaneously and playfully. Arts and crafts not only promote their creativity. Both train motor and intellectual skills, spatial imagination, sense of proportions and distances and recognising details. Painting is crucial to the ability to write and enhances concentration. It promotes self-confidence, courage and initiative. There is hardly a better occupation for kids!. Craft projects strengthen team spirit and are always remembered as quality time together. At the same time, free, creative design without any pressure to perform is something that all children find fun. They can’t do anything wrong as such design has no rules.

With the Little Artist art and craft paint, we live up to our responsibility to play an important part in little artist’s development. Marabu represents over 160 years of experience, knowledge and skill, all of which flow into each and every one of our products. In our in-house laboratories, we consistently research environmentally friendly ingredients and the most resource-conserving production processes. We ensure that our products meet the high standards placed on them by performing checks in our own laboratories as well as having the results confirmed by independent test institutes.

Our name is synonymous with quality Made in Germany and we safeguard the future of coming generations. Our products are enjoyed by the children of today and the adults of tomorrow. As such, Marabu has been a climate-neutral company since 2021 and all of our products are also carbon neutral. The highest quality and safety standards guarantee parents the certainty that their children are working with the best materials - for childhood memories that will not fade but will give pleasure for a long time to come. With Marabu KiDS Little Artist, our homes are transformed into colourful galleries that exude a pure love of life. Who hasn’t seen that radiant glean in children’s eyes as they hand over their most recent work of art. Everyone can consider themselves lucky to be presented with a painting by a child. The unique masterpieces still delight us even decades later.

Children love the bright vibrant Little Artist colours. The water-based art and craft paint is highly pigmented, vegan and paraben-free. It dries matt and opaque and is ideal for many different surfaces such as canvas, paper, card, stone, polystyrene, wood or terracotta. The creamy paint can be mixed together and be thinned with water. It is easily applied with a brush, sponge, paint roller or palette knife and ideal for a huge range of art and craft projects. The quick-drying paint prevents long waiting times. Plus, if a little paint misses the intended surface, it will wash off most textiles at 30 °C when washed promptly. Whether art or craft projects, here at Marabu we support parents and pre-school or primary-aged children as our KiDS Little Artist range is precisely tailored to this age group’s needs. It comes in a range of 14 shades in 75 ml tubes, as well as in 6 popular colours in 500 ml bottles. For newcomers to the world of art there is a set of 6 with 6 x 75 ml as well as a colour assortment with 12x36 ml. Little Artist belongs in every child's room!

Grasping colour. With your hands, with a brush or tools. Marabu KiDS Little Artist offers an accessory range of papers, brushes and painting tools. You can make all sorts of things with great accessories:

The Little Artist artist's art and craft paper is a true all-rounder. The paper pad has 20 sheets glued on one side and is ideal for Little Artist artist's art and crafting paint as well as finger paint, watercolours and pens. The high-quality, wood-free premium paper is unprinted and uncoated and suitable for all painting and stamping techniques thanks to its high strength of 170 g/sqm.

Two different brush sets contain high-quality brushes for little artists. They are suitable for a wide range of painting techniques and for almost all paints, such as Little Artist artist's art and craft paint, acrylic and textile paints as well as opaque paints. The robust, seamless aluminium ferrules offer excellent stability and durability. The brush handles are made of FSC™-certified wood (wood from forests managed to the highest standards), as we are naturally committed to sustainable forestry for the benefit of our little artists’ futures.

Little Artist artist brush set Junior for children from the age of 3:

Not all brushes are the same. For the very young artists we recommend our set with 4 hog bristle brushes, flat in sizes 6, 8, 10 and 14.

Little Artist artist brush set for children from the age of 5:

Synthetic bristle brushes are best suited for more advanced artists as they can create fine, precise lines. The elastic synthetic hair enables a rich colour application due to its high colour absorption. The set contains 3 synthetic hair brushes, flat, sizes 8, 12, 16, as well as 2 synthetic hair brushes, round in sizes 6 and 10.

The sponge stamp set contains 4 fun painting sponges and two sturdy stippling brushes (20 and 40 mm) and is ideal for stamping, stencilling and stippling shapes. Simply paint the sponges and stamps with paint and off you go. There are no bounds to your imagination!            

The paint roller set includes 2 rollers with motifs as well as one for rolling on or priming the surface. The rollers are 2 x 70mm and 1 x 25 mm in size. The are easy to use and ideal for applying paint to large areas or creating impressive patterned effects. They produce wonderful backgrounds or even entire pictures. Painting fun for all! 

The round artist’s mixing palette made of sturdy plastic has a diameter of 17.5 cm and offers 10 colour spaces. It is ideally suited for initial attempts at mixing almost any kind of paint. Developing new shades, blotting and last but not least: marvelling at your own work.

With the Marabu KiDS Paint & Puzzle active sets, children enjoy the wonderful experience of creating something new with their own bare hands. First, the puzzle pieces are painted with the included paints and then simply put together. We recommend the active set Spinosaurus and Triceratops for true dino fans! And who doesn't dream of a flamingo or even a unicorn! Children can let their imagination run wild when it comes to painting the enchanting figures. Each set contains two wooden puzzles, 3 x 36 ml paints and a brush.     

The design of Marabu KiDS is modern, clear and child-friendly. At the POS, the range also convinces with its clarity and freshness. Detailed information is communicated via the A5 brochure. The new products will be available from early summer 2023.

Discover the colourful world of Marabu KiDS!


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