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Real gems: the new Marabu PENs

Perfect dots and pearls with the DOT PEN and the PEARL PEN

Dot by dot, pearl by pearl. With the two new special liners Marabu DOT PEN and PEARL PEN, the very special, artistic techniques of dot and pearl painting are very easy to achieve. With the two new liner variants and attractive sets, Marabu is expanding its range with the latest products for the currently popular DIY trends.

Dot painting or dot art is currently a big trend topic, although this artistic technique was already used as a stylistic device by indigenous peoples such as the Aborigines and at the beginning of the 20th century in pointillism. Perhaps point painting inspires us again today especially because it has a very meditative and mindful character. The relaxation comes from the quiet concentration with which the dots are applied and results in an abs-tract-like, playful work of art.

The new Marabu DOT PEN contains a water-based dot paint that dries matt and opaque. It forms itself into raised circles. It is vegan and suitable for many light and dark surfaces such as paper, wood, stone, glass, porcelain and even textiles (up to 20% synthetic fibres). Simply leave to dry for 72 hours on textiles - the design can then be washed at up to 30°C (delicates in a washing net).

The perfectly shaped dots are easily applied with the practical liner. Brushes or special tools like dotting tools are not necessary. The dot size of the self-shaping dot varies, depending on how much paint is applied. The perfect dots with a 3D effect can be placed individually next to each other or flowing into each other with the dot-in-dot technique - there are no limits to the creative possibilities.

Cover the work surface thoroughly before use and protect clothing accordingly. Try out the paint on a separate sheet of paper first. Paint the dots and leave to dry for approx. 72 hours lying down.

The new Marabu DOT PENs are available in 12 trendy colour shades. The set of 4 x 25 ml Marabu Dot Pens in yellow, light vermilion, yellow green and medium blue offers a combination of basic colour shades. In addition, the new theme sets bring three beautiful themes to life. All three contain 4 x 25 ml liners in carefully selected colour combinations, a flyer and 5 exclusive design templates in postcard format, which can be individually designed with the DOT PENs. The set Origin of Nature contains yellow, orange, light zinnoberred and medium brown. The set Blossom Beauty offers white, magenta, light blue and yellow-green. The Fairytale Circus set contains yellow, light vermilion, sap green and medium blue.

There are also three Marabu Kids DOT PEN sets with child-friendly, imaginative motifs on the themes of "Dino", "Animals" and "Unicorn", which we recommend for children aged 4 and over.

Simply create your own beads from the liner instead of painstakingly gluing on expensive beads! The new PEARL PEN is particularly popular with hobby designers.

The PEARL PEN contains a shimmering bead paint and is water-based. It is suitable for decorating textiles (light and dark) but also many other surfaces such as paper, wood, leather, glass, porcelain, etc. and is therefore perfect for decorative embellishments on accessories, decorative objects or also for scrapbooking.

With the PEARL PEN you can create raised half-pearls with perfect curvature and a shimmer effect. The paint is applied directly from the liner - no brush or tool is needed. The size of the beads is easily controlled by the amount of paint applied.

It is designed for textiles with up to 20% synthetic fibre content (pre-washed without fabric softener). The best thing is: curing is not necessary! After a drying time of approx. 72 hours, the application is washable up to 30°C (best in a washing net in the delicates program). The Marabu PEARL PEN is vegan and odourless. The colours are highly opaque and dry to a shimmer.

If necessary, shake the paint briefly and try first on a sheet of paper or kitchen towel. Place an insert in double-sided textiles and you're ready to go.

The Marabu PEARL PEN offers six expressive shades in a 25 ml liner.

The set of 4 x 25 ml Marabu PEARL PENs in shimmer black, shimmer gold, shimmer pearl and shimmer red offers a compilation of particularly popular pearl shades.

Discover valuable information about the products, tips for use and great motif ideas at:

The new products will be available from the end of September 2022.



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