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Right on trend with the new acrylic paint sets

Marabu offers a wide range of high-quality acrylic paints and media for creative hobby painters and artists. Seven new sets have now been added to the programme, expanding the range of creative possibilities. The new sets for the current trend themes of Colour Blocking, Pouring and Structured Art are particularly impressive.

Colour expresses moods and feelings like no other artistic medium. Acrylic paints play the leading role in the field of artists' colours. They are easy to work with, have a high colour brilliance and dry extremely quickly. The Artist Acryl range specialises purely in artists' colours. Acryl Color was developed for a wide range of applications in the hobby and artist sector. In addition to Artist Acryl and Acryl Color, the Acryl beginners' range offers sets and assortments of outstanding quality at a top price-performance ratio.

Marabu always has its finger on the pulse and serves current topics with innovative products. Seven in one go! Marabu is adding new sets and assortments to its acrylic colours. All contain tested quality paint from Marabu at a top price-performance ratio:


Simply shiny! Six metallic colour shades in a practical 12 ml tube ranging from metallic-rosé to  -silver, -gold, -bronze, -copper and metallic-black will delight lovers of brilliant metallic effects. 6 x 12 ml.


Six bright colour shades in a handy 12 ml tube are perfect for colour blocking designs. The six contrasting colours sunhine yellow, red orange, rose pink, magenta, dark aquamarine and cyan dark can be combined in an interesting yet harmonious way. 6 x 12 ml.

ACRYL set BASIC small

The 12 colours in the new 18 ml round-necked tin are clearly arranged in a paint box and are also extremely practical for removing the paint with a brush. The set is ideal for beginners and hobby painters and is of course also perfect as a gift. 12 x 18 ml.

ACRYL set BASIC large

The large set offers 24 tins in a "paint box", filled with the most beautiful acrylic colours - so you can indulge in the colour palette. A comprehensive set, ideal for beginners or as a gift for creative people. 24 x 18 ml.

The current trend themes of Pouring and Structured Art will be accompanied by further exciting new products:

Pouring creates fascinating flow effects by merging several colours. New! With the Marabu Super Cell Pouring Mix, the time-consuming and material-intensive mixing of colours in the classic application is no longer necessary, as the pouring medium and colour are already premixed. Two colour variants are available:


Super easy to use! Pre-mixed and ready-to-use pouring mix of colour and medium. The Galaxy basic set contains four brilliant pouring colour mixtures in titanium white, yellow and black, Pink and medium blue - and is therefore ready for any flow technique project. 4 x 60 ml.


Pouring is pure colour pleasure! The practical mix of colour and medium is also available in the dreamy Ocean colour combination and offers the shades titanium white, aqua green, dark blue and gold - for a creative immersion in the colour frenzy of the sea. 4 x 60 ml.

Acryl Paste set STRUCTURED ART

Right on trend! With this fascinating art form, the focus is not on the colour, but on the surface texture. Acryl Paste and tools are used to create impressive relief images and stylish 3D works of art. The all-in-one set makes it very easy to create your own personalised interior pieces. The set contains 3 x 100 ml Acryl Paste in white, gold and fine sand, 3 painting knives, 2 effect spatulas and 2 painting boxes measuring 18 x 24 cm.

The new products will be available in spring 2024.


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