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Printing on textiles with Marabu

The new paint range Marabu Textile Print & Colouring

Marabu Textile Print & Colouring is the range hot off the press for painting and printing on textiles. The innovative, coherent overall concept has been developed for individually designing clothing, textile accessories and home textiles. It impresses with special paints for print and design techniques, fascinating effect paints, simple to use products and attractive sets. Completely new application options can be unlocked with Textile Print & Colouring.

The quality of textile paints from Marabu has impressed for many decades and the paints are rated highly particularly for their intensity, washability and straightforward fixing. The new concept impresses with special products, on-trend colours, new effect colours like metallic and neon as well as with innovative starter sets. The proven products were revised and the colour selection has been updated. Marabu Textile Print & Colouring supports beginners in getting started successfully with new techniques. Advanced users and professionals are pleased with the product additions and the compatibility with the existing range of high-quality paints. The product innovations and sets present themselves with trendy topics and ideas. Their presentation is clear and comprehensible, and users can quickly become familiar with it. Own works can be accomplished easily, quickly and effectively with user-friendly products, resources and tools. In addition to the paints, five technique sets provide the equipment.

Visual statements with fabrics

In addition to fashion and fashion accessories like scarves, shawls or bags, you can individually paint or print your own textile home decoration like curtains, cushions, serviettes, tea towels or table cloths. The creation of your own clothing and other textiles with personal designs, leaving your own personal mark, is great fun and is on trend at the moment. The range has its own, emotional look, based on the style of bloggers and influencers, which immediately inspires and is understood above all.

Marabu Textile Print is the professional textile printing ink for relief and screen printing

It is water-based, odourless, saliva-resistant and light-fast as well as washable up to 40 °C.

Print it like a Pro!” the printing of textile fabric is complex, as it requires special paints and treatment. Textile Print has been developed specifically for relief and screen printing techniques on textiles. It is highly viscous and is particularly slow-drying, which is crucial to prevent roller streaks in relief printing, and to prevent the woven mesh from sticking together in screen printing. This produces a perfect printing result with homogeneously applied ink and no overlaps. The matt printing ink in 7 brilliant colours impresses with its soft finish. It is suitable for light-coloured and dark fabrics free from finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20% synthetic fibre). After drying, fix in the oven (8 minutes/150 °C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes.

Lino printing technique with Marabu Textile Print – Quick and effective printing and reproduction of textiles with the relief printing technique – this can be achieved with a careful combination of high-quality paints, user-friendly tools and resources. Create your own range of motifs and thus realise designs that were unthinkable before then.

Individual motifs are transferred to the soft printing plate using transfer paper and pencil and then edited with the cutting tool. In relief printing, the printing parts are raised. The V-shaped gouge is good for thin lines, whereas the large flat cutter can be used to cut wide lines and large areas. Due to its softness, the soft printing plate is particularly easy to cut and machine. The motif is printed as a mirror image. This is especially important when working with letters. Textile Print is rolled onto the elevations of the printing plate evenly thin using the foam roller and then cleanly printed onto the fabric. Simply clean the printing plate afterwards with water or use it for a new printing process. The motif can be reproduced and your own design can be produced in series. With Textil Aquarelle, the print can later be coloured and designed further – a possible application only with Marabu!

Relief Printing Set Soft Linol Textile Print & Colouring – the set combines two techniques, relief printing and watercolour, which makes it unique on the market. With printing ink, accessories and watercolour. 100 ml Textil Print carbon black, 2 x 15 ml Textil Aquarelle in lemon and magenta, foam roller, cutting tool with 2 blades, soft-cut blade (15.5 x 9 cm), brush size 12, design template and instructions.

Screen printing technique with Marabu Textil Print – whether it’s for a girl’s night in, hen or stag night, band shirt, festival or school leaving shirt print fabrics without any hassle for all kinds of occasions! Once the design has been created, it can be printed several times. Screen printing involves forcing the printing ink through a finely woven mesh onto the fabric using a squeegee. In the areas of the fabric where no ink is to be transported, the mesh openings of the fabric are made impermeable to ink by means of a paper template. After drying, the ink is fixed in the oven (8 minutes/150 °C) or through ironing without steam for 3 minutes. After cleaning with water, the frame can be used for further prints.

Screen Printing Textile Set for a successful introduction to the screen printing technique. The set includes printing ink, printing frame as well as accessories and guarantees a great result. 100 ml Textil Print carbon black, printing frame A5, squeegee, printing knife, design template as well as instructions. The printing frame can also be purchased individually.

Marabu Textil Aquarelle is the new, ultra-brilliant textile paint for the watercolour technique

Watercolours are now not only possible on paper, but also on fabric! The new water-based paint type Marabu Textil Aquarelle is a pigmented watercolour with excellent gradation and a high yield.

The 6 brilliant colours in a 15 ml jar can be mixed and diluted with water. The paint is suitable for light-coloured fabrics free from finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20% synthetic fibre). It is odourless, saliva-resistant and light-fast, and the designed textiles are soft to the touch. With the beautiful gradations and pastel colours, Textil Aquarelle is perfect for creating playful and charming designs on textiles. The range includes applications from clothing and shirts to accessories for the home. The water-colour backgrounds are also ideally suited to individual hand letterings with the textile painters.

Place the fabric on a smooth, non-absorbent surface, secure if necessary with masking tape and moisten slightly. Use the wet brush to apply the watercolour onto the fabric. Two painting techniques can be used: washing (wet-on-wet painting) or glazing (painting over the already dried layers of paint).

For drying and fixing, place the damp motif flat on baking paper and then in the oven (8 minutes / 150 °C). The watercolour can then be further designed with the Textil Painter and fixed again. Washable up to 40 °C.

Marabu Textil Aquarelle Starter Set includes the primary colours, tools and a Textil Painter, which you can use to add trendy letterings to your designs. 4 x 15 ml Textil Aquarelle in lemon, magenta, cyan and black, sponge, brush size 12, Textil Painter 1-2 mm as well as instructions.

Textile NEON – intense and vivid NEON colours The fluorescent day-glow paints reveal their luminous, vibrant appearance on light-coloured fabrics, and glow in UV black light. They transform every object into an eye-catcher which cannot be overlooked, and enable striking looks in a crazy street style. They make many different techniques possible, like free painting, stamping, stencilling etc. The water-based paints impress with their soft finish and intense luminosity. They are odourless and saliva-resistant. For light-coloured fabrics free from finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20% synthetic fibre). Four vivid colours each available in a 15 ml jar as well as a 25 ml liner. After drying, fix in the oven (8 minutes/150 °C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. After fixing, the fabric is washable to 40 °C.

Textile NEON Set with four fluorescent day-glow paints. The set also includes textile paint in black and a black Textil Painter, which can be used for embellishing the luminous designs. 4 x 15 ml neon colours in neon-yellow, neon-orange, neon-pink and neon-green, black Textil Paint 15 ml, brush size 8, a Textil Painter as well as instructions.

Transferring laser prints to textiles – easily transfer the dearest photos, fonts or motifs to fabrics without the use of film. The latest products enable unique designs on clothing as well as in the area of home decoration. The transparent, solvent-based transfer medium quickly detaches the printing ink from laser prints and transfers it to light-coloured textiles (max. 20% synthetic fibre).

Cut out the design printed as a mirror image or copied on the laser printer, place it on the fabric with the printed side facing down and secure it well with masking tape. Apply Textil Transfer to the back of the design and transfer to the fabric by using the squeegee. Detach carefully and leave to dry. Use a brush to apply Textil Protect evenly to the motif. After drying, fix in the oven (8 minutes/150 °C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. After this, the designs will be washable up to 40 °C. The combination of transfer medium and sealant impresses with its straightforward application and the soft finish.

Marabu Transfer Textile Set with all required media and tools for an easy and quick design of textiles using photos, motifs or logos created on a PC. The compact set includes a solvent-based transfer medium in 50 ml, Transfer Protect in 50 ml, squeegee, brush size 16 and instructions.

The videos on the different printing techniques inspire the individual design of textiles. The easy to follow tutorials also encourage beginners to try out unfamiliar techniques. Counter displays, the A5 brochure and other materials will be an eye-catcher at the POS. Discover the Textile range in the world of Marabu Creative Colours!


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