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13. JULY 2023 / PRODUCT

The new Porcelain & Glass is a real allrounder

It works on both porcelain and glass. In addition to the glossy shades, it now offers eye-catching matte shades.

The new Marabu Porcelain & Glass paint is multifunctional, because it can be used flexibly for painting porcelain and ceramics as well as glass and acrylic glass. It also offers another ingenious feature: the new Marabu Porcelain & Glass paint offers shades with a glossy and - brand new in the porcelain and glass range - also with a matte look!

With the pen program Porcelain & Glass Painter, Marabu has already successfully offered the "two-in-one" solution for many years - now the merger also follows with the liquid paint Marabu Porcelain and Marabu Glass to the new, multifunctional Marabu Porcelain & Glass.

Designing with the new Marabu Porcelain & Glass is just as easy as users are accustomed to from the application of the liquid porcelain and glass paints: paint, let dry, done! No baking is necessary, because the paint is dishwasher-safe at max. 50 °C after 3 days drying time. This is especially practical for painting events. In combination with the Marabu Porcelain & Glass Painters, however, the paint can also be easily baked in the oven at 160 °C for 30 minutes. For optimal adhesion, a thorough pre-cleaning is indispensable: Carefully clean porcelain or glass with washing-up liquid/scouring milk and Marabu Cleaner & Thinner or spirit so that the surface is free of dust and grease.

The new program, which includes the noble matte shades and the glossy shades, impresses with numerous great design options. For example, the new matte colour shades offer a fascinating contrast on glossy substrates, but also in direct juxtaposition with the glossy shades. Of course, the interplay between the glossy and matte surface optics is also extremely effective on matte ceramics. Good to know: both paint versions have a glossy effect in the liquid condition inside the jar and when the paint is applied. However, only the GLOSSY paint dries to a glossy finish, while the MATT paint dries to a matte finish. Stir the colors well before use.

The new Marabu PORCELAIN & GLASS GLOSSY lets dishes & Co. shine in new brilliance. With the glossy drying paint, plates, cups, glasses and much more can be painted individually very easily and without time-consuming baking. A total of 14 color shades are available in 15 ml jars, including metallic silver and metallic gold. Black and white as well as the metallic shades are opaque, all others are transparent to semi-opaque, depending on the shade.

The STARTERSET PORCELAIN & GLASS GLOSSY brings colour to the table. The set is perfect for beginners who want to easily redesign their porcelain and glass items without time-consuming firing. The set includes 6 brilliant base colour shades (sun yellow, cherry, gentian, apple, black and white), which can be optimally mixed with each other, as well as a universal brush.

The new Marabu PORCELAIN & GLASS MATT brings extraordinary tableware to the serving board! We perceive matte colours as soft and cozy. They combine trend and distinguished classic. With the matt-drying Porcelain & Glass MATT, tableware & co. can be painted according to one's own ideas easily and without time-consuming stoving. The 12 matt shades are available in 15 ml jars.

Black and white are opaque, the other shades are semi-opaque to relatively opaque, depending on the shade and the substrate.

With the STARTERSET PORCELAIN & GLASS MATT, modern designs in an eye-catching, matte look are now possible. The set contains everything you need to start painting on porcelain and glass right away: 6 matte base colour shades (sun yellow, pink, raspberry, gentian, black and white), which can be optimally mixed with each other, and a universal brush.

Please note: When designing tableware intended for food contact, do not decorate the cutting surfaces, insides of cups or drinking rims.

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