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The world of Marabu KiDS gets even more vivid

The product line is expanded by many colourful products

The Marabu KiDS product line provides a well though-out range of paints specifically for children. The successful children’s line is now receiving numerous additions, which will make the world of Marabu KiDS even more colourful, like for example the new Marabu KiDS T-shirt paint, Universal craft paint in neon hues as well as additional, trendy 3D Puzzle motifs.

Marabu combines all products and sets specifically developed for children in a coherent overall concept under the name Marabu KiDS. Finger paint, Universal craft paint, Window Color, textile and porcelain paint markers, creative sets and books designed specifically for the products all went on sale in 2018. The new products for 2019 extend the range by numerous additional products, introducing children to the topics of arts and crafts and creative design in a playful way. They meet the highest quality and safety standards – with the “Made in Germany” quality seal. The design is fresh, clear and above all child friendly. The products provide clear, structured information and symbols to help selection and showcase the Marabu expertise in colour.

KiDS T-shirt paint – the new set supplements the existing textile marker range with a water-based, liquid paint for textiles. The vegan and paraben-free paint enables great designs with 6 vivid colours on light-coloured fabrics free from finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20% synthetic fibres) like for example on T-shirts, cushions or bags. Many more hues can be very easily created by mixing the colours. They are ideal for all design techniques like free-hand painting, stamping or stencilling. After drying, fix in the oven (8 minutes/150 °C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. Following fixing, the fabric is washable up to 60 °C. 6 hues in an 80 ml bottle in black, medium yellow, carmine red, medium blue, rich green and rose pink.

Marabu KiDS Universal craft paint Neon – for vibrant and colourful arts and craft ideas. The fluorescent day-glow colours come into their own on light-coloured backgrounds and light up in UV black light. They make each motif a cool eye catcher. The water-based paints impress with their intense luminosity. The craft paints can be very easily applied and guarantee colourful results. The quick-drying paint with very good coverage was developed for children from the age of 3. The universal paint is creamy, easy to spread and ideal for free-hand painting and mixing as well as for applying many techniques, such as stencilling, stamping and application with a paint knife. The paints are suitable for paper and cardboard but also for pebbles, wood, glass and ceramic and can be washed out of most textiles from a temperature of 30°C. The new set with four neon hues enables great iridescent effects on light-coloured backgrounds and supplements the existing individual paints in 80 and 500 ml and the set with 6 primary colours.

The Marabu KiDS Universal craft paint Neon set contains 4 x 80 ml in neon yellow, neon pink, neon green and neon orange.

The KiDS 3D Puzzles now additionally offer a truck to build and paint yourself in the area of vehicles with the KiDS 3D Puzzle Truck. The area of animals offers no less than four sought-after new additions. These now include a T-Rex dinosaur, a lion, a horse and an elephant. This means that together with the house motifs, now 13 different 3D puzzles are available. The parts can be very easily assembled. The KiDS Wooden Pendants in the shape of a flower, butterfly and heart are transformed into colourful keyrings with the craft paints and are perfect for collecting or as a present for creative kids. All wooden parts are made of FSC-certified wood and can be individually painted with craft paints.

Marabu KiDS Modelling dough – great colour fun with the air-curing modelling clay. Seeing, feeling and shaping colours. Young toddlers already love the tactile experience with modelling clay. The assortment of four comprises the four primary colours yellow, red, blue and green in practical, resealable 150 g cans. In addition to the four primary colours, the large Modelling dough set also includes a modelling press with 2 inserts, 10 different motifs, 2 tools and 6 shape cutters to round off the modelling fun.

There are also additions to the Marabu KiDS Window Color paint. Marabu KiDS Window Color makes the design of transparent window clings great fun. The water-based, removable window paint for children from 3 years sticks to all smooth surfaces like glass and mirrors, tiles or film. Paint, peel off, done! It is really easy to use – and the motifs can be removed really easily again if you want to decorate the window with another motif.

The new Christmas Set includes 6 liners with 25 ml Window Color, two templates with great Christmas and manger motifs in A3 format and one A4 painting film. The new Marabu KiDS Window Color assortment of 10 comprises 10 liners with 25 ml Window Color each and a template with many children’s themes in A4 format. And the new Marabu KiDS Window Color Farmer Creative set of 6 with the large 80 ml Window Color bottles provides plenty of paint for continued painting fun around the favourite topic of animals and farmyards.

Marabu KiDS Glitter Magic – glitter fantasies are now coming true!

All children love to decorate crafts with glitter. Girls and boys can use the glitter magic to design unique glitter effects in silver and gold. The best thing about it: the glitter paints in the practical liner are suitable for many surfaces like paper, wood, metal, glass, leather, plastic and textiles.

The Marabu KiDS Craft Scissors shine with an all new design, the Basic Brush Set, the handy Starter Brushes, Craft Glue as well as Wood Glue are now also newly integrated into the KiDS range and thus provide tools that are optimally adapted to little hands. It goes without saying that all brush handles are made of FSC-certified wood. The brushes are particularly durable with the sturdy brush heads with hard-wearing synthetic or natural hair, the seamless, silver-coloured aluminium ferrules as well as the high-quality paint on the handle.

Many more products and exciting sets will again be added to the KiDS range in the course of 2019 and provide novelties and variety in the product range. Counter displays, the A5 brochure and other materials in a modern, compact and fresh design will be an eye-catcher at the POS. Discover the new brand world of Marabu KiDS!


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