“We regard climate change as the most pressing challenge facing society today and are committed to playing an active and sustainable role in protecting the environment. We have worked with ClimatePartner to analyse all of the CO2 emissions from our Tamm and Bietigheim sites and determine our carbon footprint.

In accordance with our climate strategy, the Marabu Green Deal, we avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible, for example by using green electricity, energy-saving schemes, mobility concepts or environmentally friendly materials. We combine all measures that are taking us on our journey to climate neutrality under the name PROJECT GREEN.

We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting internationally certified climate protection projects that reduce CO2, for example through reforestation measures or by replacing climate-damaging technologies with environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition, we support a plastic collection project to prevent marine pollution.

We are therefore proud to be a climateneutral company from July 2021 as well as to offer all our products in a climate-neutral manner. We are continually implementing measures to improve our carbon footprint and update them annually to make the success of our climate strategy measurable. We firmly believe that the future will belong to the ‘green economy’, the aim of which is to support the natural foundations of our commercial activities through sustainable production and consumption. Our strategy involves transparent communication. This brochure presents our PROJECT GREEN and takes you with us on our journey to climate neutrality.”

York Boeder, CEO Executive Committee



“I am proud to work in a company that attaches great importance to climate protection and that now also officially acts in a climate-neutral way.”
Nadine Kotz


“Project Green is our action today for a greener tomorrow.”
Laura Kilper


“I think it’s great that Marabu is actively working for our climate and thus making an important contribution to the future of us all.”
Nina Lehre

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