Colorful candles full of stripes and confetti with Marabu Candle Pen

Fed up with plain candles or harmonious dip-dye? Then go for our colorful candles full of stripes and confetti. A welcome color accent for the home – homemade with Marabu Candle Pen.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Motifs on smooth foil result in glossy wax patterns. Motifs on rough foil result in matte wax patterns.
  • For very smooth wax plates, it is best to smooth the Marabu Candle Pen on the foil with a spatula. After drying for approx. 6 hours, the paint film can be removed and punched out, cut out and decorated further with the Candle Pen as desired.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and prepare the materials. Clean and dry the candles before painting. They should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere best.
  • First test the Candle Pens on a separate paper. Then paint different geometric shapes on the foil with the different shades. Then let the colors dry. The drying time is about 6 hours.
  • After drying, remove the wax sheets from the foil and cut them into shape with scissors or a cutter knife.
  • The wax plate now has 2 sides: a very smooth side (which adhered directly to the foil) and a somewhat uneven side (the top of the wax plate, which was not on the foil). It is best to apply Marabu Candle Pen glue to the uneven side of the wax plate.
  • Apply the wax plate with the adhesive layer on the candle and press it firmly. Namely, the very smooth side on the candle is now visible.
  • The candles at will with strips...
  • and confetti design.

Colorful candles full of stripes and confetti with Marabu Candle Pen

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