Create DIY lucky stones with Marabu Permanent Marker Graphix and Marabu Deco Painter

Every one of us can use a bit of luck now and then or just a lovely message. Whether for the start of a new year, as a personal little lucky charm for an exam or just to give a little joy. With self-designed lucky stones, this is very easy and our loved ones will be very happy!

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How it is done:

  • First cover the work area well and prepare the working materials. Clean and dry the stones thoroughly. They must be clean, dry and dust-free for painting.
  • Pre-draw the desired motif with the Graphix pencil.
  • Then shake the Deco Painter vigorously with the cap closed. Pump by pressing the tip several times until the ink is visible. After pumping, write on the Deco Painter on a piece of paper. Now paint the dark stones with the Deco Painters.
  • Light stones are best created with the dark colour palette of the Permanent Marker Graphix. For lighter details, e.g. in white, the Deco Painter can also be used.
  • After painting, wait until the painting has dried completely. Afterwards, the pencil lines of the preliminary drawing can easily be erased again.

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