Pouring Fluid

Let it flow- go with the flow! Unique pouring artworks with Marabu acrylic paints and Marabu Pouring Fluid.


A fascinating world of endless design possibilities is opened up by the acrylic pouring technique: dynamic colour gradients, fascinating designs and surprising effects are created by throwing or pouring acrylic paint onto a background.

What makes pouring so great is that every single pattern is unique and everyone can create their very own work of art.

Let it flow!

Pouring has lots of names: Acrylic Pouring, Fluid Painting, Fluid Art…

But what exactly is “pouring”?

When using the pouring technique, several colours of acrylic paint are poured onto a background (e.g. a canvas frame). By moving this background in a targeted manner, you can influence the way the acrylic paint flows across the surface and create unique colour gradients.

Why do you need Pouring Fluid?

Marabu Pouring Fluid makes the acrylic paint flow better and gives it a smoother consistency. Without Marabu Pouring Fluid, many acrylic paints are too thick and will not run. They therefore have to be mixed with Marabu Pouring Fluid.

Can the paints not just be thinned with water?

Thinning the acrylic paints with water alone would lead to an uneven distribution of the colour pigments. As a result, the paints would crack when they dried. We therefore recommend thinning the acrylic paints with Marabu Pouring Fluid.


Pouring Fluid

The water-based and runny acrylic substance known as Pouring Fluid is perfect for all pouring applications and techniques. Pouring Fluid encourages the paint to run without losing its colour depth or intensity. Our Marabu Acrylic Paints work brilliantly with our Pouring Fluid.

Mix the Pouring Fluid with Marabu acrylic paints (test run recommended) for use in pouring applications. We cannot provide exact details for the mixing ratio for Pouring Fluid and acrylic paint as each type of acrylic paint has its own unique consistency. We therefore recommend a few test runs. The consistency of the mixture of paint and Pouring Fluid should be runny to ensure that the paint runs off the palette knife.

It can also be applied neat, for example as a finish after the artwork you have created using a pouring technique has dried. The Pouring Fluid dries waterproof, transparent and, depending on the mixture used, the finish ranges from a silky matt texture to a glossy look.

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Pouring Fluid broschure

Our broschure contains everything you need to know about pouring: techniques, ideas, combination options as well as tips & tricks.

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Video tutorials: Dirty Pouring

With DIRTY POUR, all of the colours are added to a single cup, then jointly poured onto the background.

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