Marabu VEGAS GLITTER Glitter paste

glitter-green 567, 225 ml



Glittering special-effect paste. Suitable for absorbent bases such as wood, MDF, paper maché, paper, stone, ceramic, canvas, etc. Smudge-proof, waterproof, waterbased, partly light-fast and quickdrying. Can be applied with a brush, spatula or stencilling. The more thickly the paint is applied, the more voluminous and glittery the result.


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  • Effect paste is water-based, opaque, smudge-proof
  • Weather-resistant, quick-drying and non-drip
  • Use the paste with a brush, spatula or stencil
  • A thick application will produce a glamorous glitzy 3D-effect
  • Suitable for wood, MDF, paper maché, paper, polystyrene, stone, ceramic, canvas

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