Marabu KiDS craft paint NEON set

4 x 80 ml



The water-based KiDS neon craft paint is semi-transparent and fluorescent. The neon paints glow even more intensely in UV black light and are suitable for many different materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, stone, glass and ceramic. For good coverage, prime the surface with the KiDS Craft paint in white. They can be applied with a brush, sponge or spatula and are ideal for potato, stamp, and marble printing and similar applications. Offering good coverage, they are easy to apply, quickdrying, and mix well together. Simply clean painting utensils with soap and water. Easy to wash out of textiles at 30 °C and above. Wet dried paints with lukewarm soapy water, then wash out promptly.

Contents: 3 x KiDS craft paint NEON 80 ml (Neon-yellow, Neon-pink, Neon-green), 1 x KiDS craft paint 80 ml in White 070

  • Set contents: 3 x 80 ml KiDS craft paint Neon (Neon-Yellow, Neon-Orange, Neon-Pink, Neon-Green), 1 x 80 ml KiDS craft paint in White 070
  • Fluorescent day-glow paints, glow under UV light
  • Especially good for light surfaces (if necessary, prime with KiDS Craft paint in white) for example paper, cardboard, wood, stone, glass, ceramic suitable
  • Creamy, ready to use paints can be applied with brush, sponge or spatula
  • Easy to apply, fast-drying, washes out of fabrics at 30 °C
  • Suitable for 3 years upwards
  • Complies with the requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive

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