Marabu Green Paper Pad White

DIN A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in)



Special paper pads for creative working on an artistic level.

GREEN White 
GREEN Nature Mix 
Acrylic painting paper
Watercolour painting paper
Oil painting paper
Sketch paper
Mixed Media Paper: For watercolour, acrylic and collages, as well as sketching and mixed media.
Art Journal: Creative Journal
Aqua Pad Graphix: Watercolour painting paper
Marker Pad Graphix: Marker paper
Alcohol Ink Pad: Special paper for alcohol inks
Black Pads: Black, matt special paper


  • Bright white paper, acid free, sized on 1 side, 20 sheets
  • Pour les peintures alkydes et acryliques à base d’eau, les Painters, les marqueurs, les liners, etc.

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