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Marabu Graphix – reloaded!

With even more tools for watercolours and hand lettering…

The Marabu Graphix range has been on the winning track since it was launched on the market. With a young and urban design, it offers the right tools to put creative ideas down on paper. Graphix is excellent – the Verband der PBS Markenindustrie (Association of the Paper, Office and Stationery Supplies Brand Industry) also confirmed this and awarded the range the “Product of the Year 2017” prize at Paperworld. The success story of Graphix is now continuing with many additional products.

Marabu Graphix encourages a diverse range of applications with complete freedom of movement regardless of the trend. The range includes high-quality pencils and watercolour pencils, Fineliners and water-based Aqua Pens. The new Grafix Aqua Ink is an addition to the Marabu Graphix range. Watercolour paints, Aqua Pens as single pens with enhanced tips and different new set variants are new to the range. The range therefore offers perfectly coordinated tools for all drawing techniques and for watercolour and hand lettering techniques – from a single source.

Aqua Ink – the brilliant, water-based watercolour ink for a fascinating play of colours with a brush or drawing pen. The highly pigmented ink flows in soft transitions. The 14 intense colours for watercolour techniques dry to a natural, transparent finish and impress with their high light fastness. After drying, the ink can be completely dissolved again with water so that you can paint the picture again the next day. Loose yourself again and again in the brilliant colours! The light-fast Aqua Ink is available in a 15 ml jar in 14 highly pigmented colours that can be mixed with each other. The MC FLOATY set includes 6 x 15ml Marabu Grafix Aqua Ink (lemon, vermilion, magenta, cyan, mint, black) and a synthetic brush size 4.

Aqua Colour – the transparent, water-based watercolour paints can be mixed with each other and are soluble in water. They dry to a bright, transparent finish and are light-resistant. The HIGH BY FLY Aqua Colour set includes 12 colours in 12 ml tubes.

Aqua Pen Graphix – now also available as single pens! The 36 brilliant colours contain high-quality, light-fast and low-odour water-based pigment ink. Draw with strong colours and sharp details with the double tip: a contour tip on one side and an enhanced, flexible brush tip on the other. You can apply watercolour paint to watercolour paper in soft transitions with a wet brush for intense colour transitions.

New set variants – Marabu Graphix Aqua Pens are available in presorted colours sets. Always the right shades to express any idea: The sets of 6 – KING OF BUBBLEGUM, MA KE MANGA and METROPOLITAN – include theme-appropriate colour combinations, the MEGA MASH set offers 12 colours for different styles and techniques.

The large OCTOPYset with 24 colours is new and allows freedom of colour to realise even the craziest idea. All sets impress with their attractive, eye-catching design and are ideal for beginners or as a gift for hobby artists.

Fineliner Graphix and Fineliner Colour Graphix – strong black and brilliant colours from high-quality, light-fast and low-odour water-based pigment ink. Ideal for elaborate illustrations, colourful sketches and final artwork or as indispensable components for hand lettering. The pens with a metal-enclosed plastic tip do not bleed.

The Fineliner is also available in presorted sets. In addition to the existing Fineliner sets of 4 with different stroke widths or brush tips and the DOODLE SUPREME Fineliner Colour set of 12, the Fineliner Colour is now available in the large HYPNOTIZE set of 24 and in the SKYLINE set of 4.

Pencil Graphix and Aqua Pencil Graphix – the pencil series and highly pigmented watercolour pencils in this range are ideal for illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more. The leads have a high yield and are break-resistant. Grey is brought to life with Marabu Graphix pencils. Fine lines next to soft shading. The 12 hardness grades enable you to combine a dozen different styles in one image. Whether it’s a sketch, graphical snapshot or a photorealistic illustration. The set includes 12 wood-cased pencils with hardness ratings 6B to 5H. The Aqua Pencils can be used for both dry colouring – as with normal pencils – and wet colouring. The pigment rich colours can be effectively applied with a wet brush, creating a whole new dynamic and depth in the drawing. They are ideal for use on watercolour paper. The Funky Monkey set includes 12 wood-cased watercolour pencils.

Perfect interplay – watercolour illustrations and hand lettering

The new Aqua Ink can be combined perfectly with pencils, Fineliners and Aqua Pens. Design expressive motifs or brilliant backgrounds with the liquid watercolour ink. Sketch your lettering and illustrations with the pencils and use the Fineliner to draw outlines. Use the Aqua Pens with their contour tip and brush tip to complete your illustration and finally enhance it with great hand lettering.

Presentations at the POS, advertising materials, flyers, videos and your own digital website offer inspiration and make you want to draw. Discover Marabu Graphix!


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