Marabu Chalky-Chic matt varnish 850

225 ml



Water-based media and varnishes. To protect or decorate painted objects with Chalky-Chic chalk paint.

Chalky-Chic Transfer medium: Water-based, transparent medium for transferring paper printouts (laser printing).

Chalky-Chic Crackle medium: Clear, water-based medium for crackle technique.

Chalky-Chic Decoupage glue: Transparent, water-based glue. Ideal for sticking paper.

Chalky-Chic Protective wax: Water-based protective wax. Provides a protective layer for porous indoor surfaces.

Chalky-Chic Matt varnish & Soft matt varnish: Water-based, colourless varnish for sealing many different surfaces.

Chalky-Chic Primer: Preparing treated and untreated wood surfaces.


Available in these sizes

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  • waterbased
  • lightfast
  • weatherproof
  • saliva resistant
  • Ideal for combining with the Chalky-Chic Chalk Paint

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