Enough of boredom – be creative and design your lay figure!


Wooddoll - what?

Wooden doll, lay figure, model doll, drawing doll, jointed doll… They have many names and yet one thing in common: they stimulate our imagination and offer a lot of scope for creativity. They model for us when drawing and sketching proportions and movements and patiently hold still.
But they can do so much MORE!

Lay figure

Don't you think there's much more to your manikin?

Don’t you sometimes have the feeling that it looks like a stormtrooper?
Or is there a real ballerina slumbering inside?
Karl, is that you?
Or can it crack nuts like a nutcracker?
A total Excel nerd!
And where is Waldo?

If you’ve ever wondered all this, then you’re in the RIGHT place!


Join our challenge!

Get active and design your wood doll with colours, pens, papers, fabrics – everything is possible, everything is allowed. Colourful, wild, prominent, fantasy, prêt-à-porter, urban, casual, boho chic – your doll, your style.
Set the scene, take a photo and share the snapshot with us under the hashtag #wooddollchallenge.


Post your creative manikin

and get creative inspiration from all the participants during the challenge.
Of course, we Marabus are also taking part, as well as some well-known DIY bloggers such as Chrischography and Mr Letter.

Each week, we’ll run all the designed mannequins in our Insta-Story and post them in our gallery on this theme page.

The challenge will run at least until 2021/03/31, so we’ll have a lot of fun together and inspire each other. We’re going to get really colourful and bring colour into the lives of you and your modell doll!

Marabu Creative Colours @ Insta

Let's get creative!

You can read the conditions of participation here.

conditions of participation


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