Dot painting with Marabu KiDS craft paint

With the very simple dot painting technique, small works of art are created here. Depending on the self-made paper stencil, the stippled pictures can then be passed on as cards or gift tags. Even the smallest ones can do that!

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Gingerbread house

It might look good enough to eat, but this delightful little house is actually made from wood, not gingerbread. Painted with craft paint and 3D Liners, it makes the perfect Christmas decoration!

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Baby rompers sweet as sugar

A trendy baby romper suit as an individual and creative present for a new baby? Use the Marabu Textil Trend Set “SWEET CANDY” and a pretty stencil design to quickly create lovely individual items in sweet candy colours.

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A little thank you

These cute pots are ready in no time and can be filled with flowers or sweets!

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A little elephant for you

Little children simply adore their little cuddly elephants. So we used a stencil and fabric paints to bring the elephant to their favourite jumper. So cute!

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