Birthday Card with Marabu DO IT Craft Marker and Paint

Happy Birthday – Don’t have the right birthday card? Then make one yourself to match the present. It’s easy with Marabu DO IT Craft Paint and Craft Marker. We’ll show you how!

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Create gift boxes with Marabu DO IT Craft Paint

Lovingly wrapped gifts bring double the joy! With Marabu DO IT Craft Paint, boring boxes can be transformed into very special gift packaging. Let’s do it!

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Vases made from wooden blocks with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

A tribute to spring: crafting these wooden block vases is a simple task. The gentle pastel hues, paired with delicate gypsophila, offer a unique and refreshing way to infuse any space with the spirit of spring, all while repurposing old wood scraps.

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Wedding menu card with Marabu YONO marker

What’s for dinner? One of the most exciting questions at any party. To make sure everyone is well informed and excited about the menu, use labelled picture frames as menu cards. They are easy to make and look fantastic too.

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Wedding table decoration with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

There is a lot to organise for the best day of your life: The location, the menu and, of course, the table decorations. After all, your guests will be spending a lot of time at the table. With our GREEN alkyd paint, table decorations are quick and easy to create. This will make the wedding table unforgettable and leave a positive memory.

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Wedding ring box with Marabu YONO marker

Small boxes or caskets are perfect for storing rings on the wedding day. Creatively decorated with the bride and groom’s monogram and matching the wedding decorations, even the box becomes a piece of jewelry.

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Paper fortune cookies with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Wisdom and good wishes are simply part of New Year’s Eve. In addition to the classic lead casting, fortune cookies are also a great option for looking ahead to the New Year at a New Year’s Eve party or for handing out New Year’s wishes. The fortune cookies are easy to make out of paper and these instructions show you how!

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Flower plugs with Marabu KiDS Window Color

Window Color is so much fun! Not just as window pictures – painted on a sturdy film and cut out, the cheerful motifs can be used for so many things: as flower plugs, decorative plugs, gift tags, ….

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Stick candles with polka dots and Marabu Candle Pen

Points, points, points! The candles with fine dots are fix homemade and perfect as a little something or even as “icing on the cake” on a gift for loved ones. In any case, a gift from the heart for any occasion.

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Souvenir box with Marabu Glitter Pen

Who doesn’t have them: little mementos that have no real place but are too valuable to throw away. With this pretty box, designed with the Marabu Glitter Pen, they now have their own place and can be put in the right light. 

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Designing stick candles mit Marabu Candle Pen

Designing individual candles and decorating them with patterns and shapes is the current spring trend! Here are four great design options for springtime decoration highlights in your home. The decorated candles are perfect for decoration and interior design fans. Beautifully packaged in a small gift box, they will delight on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or as a hostess gift.

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Loving photo gifts with Marabu Photo Transfer

A good alternative to flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, wedding anniversary, etc. are personal photo gifts and heartfelt messages. This can be done very easily with the Marabu Photo Transfer Medium. With a simple laser print of the most beautiful moments, romantic surprises can be designed for the favorite person.

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