New Year's Eve

Sparkling flutes and glasses with Marabu Chalky-Chic

These chalky-chic glasses will add plenty of colour to any party! What makes this design so special is the stylish colour transition – created by stippling two pastel Marabu Chalky-Chic chalk paints – which contrasts perfectly with the sparkling drink inside. If you don’t have enough champagne flutes for an upcoming party, this is an easy to way to create your own set using different glasses.

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Create DIY lucky stones with Marabu Permanent Marker Graphix and Marabu Deco Painter

Every one of us can use a bit of luck now and then or just a lovely message. Whether for the start of a new year, as a personal little lucky charm for an exam or just to give a little joy. With self-designed lucky stones, this is very easy and our loved ones will be very happy!

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New Year’s Eve Table Decoration and New Year’s Greetings with Graphix Aqua Ink

Fireworks are simply part of New Year’s Eve. Let’s save ourselves the noise and create a firework of colours! Mr Letter created these pretty cards using Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks and Fineliners. Equipped with a sparkler, they are perfect as table decorations for New Year’s Eve or can even be given away as a small New Year’s greeting or sent by post.

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Ponchos with Marabu Fashion Shimmer Spray

A poncho is the perfect companion for fall and winter and the alternative to a coat. You can design your seasonal highlight individually with the Fashion Shimmer Sprays.

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Fabulous-looking jeans

These jeans are completely unique! And you too can create customised designs with nothing more than a lace tablecloth or special piece of curtain fabric plus Fashion-Spray in metallic colours.

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