Wood meets concrete and stone – industrial chic in the living room

Give home furnishing a new coat of paint with the current look. The combination of wood and concrete or stone is stylish, and can be achieved very simply with paints and pastes from Marabu Home & Decoration. With a few DIY steps a newspaper stand or a table lamp, for example, become modern small items of furniture – real eye-catchers for your home decoration. You can create the authentic-looking stone effect using coarse HIMALAYA STONE paste graphite, and the realistic concrete look with fine light concrete paste.

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How it is done:

  • Mask the NEWSPAPER STAND using masking tape.
  • Coat with coarse Himalaya Stone paste in graphite using a palette knife. Allow to dry completely.
  • Sand if required. Sanding creates a special vivid hue.
    Mask the base of the stand using masking tape.
  • Apply fine Himalaya Stone paste in light concrete using a brush. Allow to dry completely.

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