Marabu KiDS T-Shirt paint set

6 x 36 ml



The stunning, vibrant colours of these T-shirt paints are perfect for creating designs on light-coloured fabrics.

This thick paint is simple to apply and the colours can be easily mixed. Application: only use on dry textiles with max. 20% synthetic fibres that are free of finishes and fabric conditioner. Once the design has dried, set it by ironing the front of the fabric through a thin cloth for 3 minutes on a cotton setting (no steam) or fix in a 150 °C oven for 8 minutes. The item will then be washable up to 60 °C. Tips: wear old clothes or a painting smock when applying the paint. Any accidental stains are very hard to get out. Use masking tape or homemade paper stencils to easily create your own beautiful patterns and motifs that you can then paint onto your fabric. Why not add a touch of sparkle to your designs once they are dry with KiDS Glitter Magic?

Contents: 6 x T-Shirt paint 36 ml (yellow, cherry red, magenta, medium blue, green, black)

  • Marabu KiDS T-Shirt paints, 6 Assortment, 6 x 36 ml in yellow, cherry red, magenta, medium blue, green, black
  • Brilliant luminous shades for decorating light-coloured fabrics up to max. 20% synthetic fibres
  • Marabu KiDS T-Shirt Paint is easy to apply with a brush and is also very good for stencilling
  • The viscous paint is easy to apply and the shades can be mixed together
  • Fix in the oven or by ironing, then washable up to 60 °C

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