Marabu Brilliant Painter

pink 033, 1-2 mm



Multi-purpose paint marker. Glossy, opaque, quick drying. Light-fast and weather-resistant. For smooth and difficult surfaces such as metal, plastic, leather, glass. Also suitable for paper and paste board. On the basis of organic solvents.

The Marabu Brilliant Painter is available with different tips (art. no.): 
0121 08 Marker with fineliner tip 0.8 mm

0121 31 Marker with multi-purpose tip 1-2 mm
Painting and writing

0121 32 Marker with painting tip 2-4 mm

0121 35 Marker with calligraphy tip 1-2.5 mm
Artistic writing and decorating

Available in these sizes

Available in these colours

  • glossy varnish application
  • weather-resistant, light-fast, quick drying
  • on the basis of organic solvents
  • suitable for smooth and difficult surfaces (e.g. metal, plastic, leather, glass)

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