Pastel meets Neon

Delicate tones or bright signal colors – or both in combination? In any case!


Pastel and neon looks are currently a mega trend.

Soft tones or bright signal colors – or both in combination? In exciting combinations, perfectly dosed neon and pastel shades turn modern designs into real eye-catchers.

In the process, we get to know both neon and pastel from a completely new angle. Neon can not only be bright and colorful like in the 80s, but also discreet and minimalistic. And the often reserved pastel can also be modern and striking.

The trendy looks can easily be created with different Marabu creative colors.


Easy marble set NEON

Marble effects take over the design world – create your own designer pieces in a trendy neon style: Drip, dip, done!

The neon paints based on organic solvents are ideal for white objects made of glass, ceramic, plastic, wood and paper. The black, alcohol-based Permanent Marker Twin Tip included in the set can be used to apply lettering and embellishments to dry, marbled surfaces.

And it’s as easy as this: drip the marbling paint onto water, draw patterns, dip the object in slowly and pull it out again quickly. That’s it!

To easy marble set NEON

Easy marble set PASTEL

Marble effects with a delicate pastel touch: Drip, dip, done!

The five glossy pastel shades based on organic solvents are ideal for both light and dark objects made of glass, ceramics, plastic, wood and paper. The light pastel shades merge into a beautiful sea of colors and transform every object into a striking pastel dream.

Marbling in pastel – a dream for all Fluid Art fans!

To easy marble set PASTEL

Alcohol Ink set NEON

Flowing designs, unpredictable color gradients and exciting techniques – now also with neon shades!

The liquid, dye-based neon-alcohol inks offer unlimited design freedom with a variety of flow techniques. Bright, brilliant neon colors give Fluid Art works a very special radiance on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces (such as synthetic paper, glass, metal and many more). And if you want to add a little contrast, simply apply fonts and designs to the dried Alcohol Ink surfaces with the black, alcohol-based Permanent Marker included in the set.

Fluid Painting with Neon!

To Alcohol Ink set NEON

Decor Soft PASTEL starter set

The water-based acrylic soft paint with the soft-touch effect!

Enchanting pastel shades turn every painted object into a hand flatterer and are ideal for various children’s room decorations. The paints for brushing are suitable for absorbent surfaces such as wood, MDF, papier-mâché, paper, stone, ceramic, clay, styrofoam, canvas and much more. They dry up saliva-proof and are smudge-proof and weatherproof. Perfect for a children’s room with fantastic pastel accessories.

Color becomes tangible with Decor Soft!

To Decor Soft PASTEL starter set

Acrylic paints set PASTEL 12 x 12 ml

Smooth acrylic colors for small pastel projects!

The water-based acrylic paints are particularly easy to paint and are ideal for many surfaces such as stretched canvas, painting cardboard, paper, cardboard, wood, etc. All pastel colors are mixable with each other and can be diluted with water if necessary. The colors dry up matt-glossy and convince by the fast drying time. So all small creative ideas can be realized very quickly.

New color accents in the acrylic world!

To acrylic paints set PASTEL 12 x 12 ml

Acrylic paint set PASTEL 6 x 3,5 ml

Small pastel tones really big!

The new acrylic paint set with pastel colors for beginners and hobby painters for painting and handicrafts. The water-based paints in the practical resealable 3.5 ml cups dry quickly and have a matt shine. They are ideal for small creative projects on many surfaces such as stretched canvas, paper, cardboard, wood and much more. After drying, the pastel acrylic colors are lightfast and waterproof.

Perfect for mini pastel dreams!

To acrylic paint set PASTEL 6 x 3,5 ml

New York Neon & Acryl Color set 3 x 100 ml

A strong team on the neon front!

The perfect result always needs a solid base. In this set the basis is the velvety mat acrylic paint Acryl Color and sets the stage for the translucent, fluorescent daylight color New York Neon. The neon colors of New York Neon are best shown to advantage on a light background. Perfect match for many backgrounds such as wood, MDF, papier-mâché, stone, ceramics, clay, styrofoam, canvas and many more.

Bright – glowing – NEON!

To New York Neon/Acryl Color set 3 x 100 ml

Acryl Color assortment PASTEL 5 x 100 ml

Pastel artwork with acrylic color!

With this universal velvety matte water-based acrylic paint your pictures paint themselves as if by magic. Because of the creamy texture the pastel colors can be painted very easily and if you want more, you can simply mix the colors together. Special effects can be created when the paint is applied with a painting spatula or knife. It is also ideal for stenciling and stamping. Pure painting pleasure.

Turn your idea into a work of art!

To Acryl Color assortment PASTEL 5 x 100 ml

Aqua Pen Graphix 12pc assortment ICE ICE BABY

When creativity becomes a sweet temptation…

then the pastel shades of the Aqua-Pens are definitely involved. The water-based watercolor felt-tip pens with double-tip convince with brilliant colors thanks to the high-quality, low-odor pigment ink. With the fine contour tip and the flexible brush tip, no design wishes remain unfulfilled. Painted on watercolor paper, the delicious pastel shades can still be painted with a wet brush. In the simplest way, wonderful delicate color areas, transitions and unique designs are created.

Aqua-Pens Graphix – strong colors and sharp details!

To Aqua Pen Graphix 12pc assortment ICE ICE BABY

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