Marabu Window Color set “Christmas”

10 x 25 ml



Paint, Peel off, finished! Let your imagination take over. Using Window Color, windows, bottles, glasses and other smooth surfaces can be decorated with colourful christmas motifs without using a brush, painted directly from the bottle. Use Marabu designs or create your own ideas – there are (almost) no limits to your fantasy.

Contents: 10 x Window Color 25 ml (Yellow 019, Orange 013, Ruby red 038, Azure blue 095, Rich green 067, Medium brown 046, White 070, Outline-black 073, Glitter-silver 582, Gold 183), 1 x template DIN A4 with 20 Designs

  • Special Edition set with new christmas-designs
  • Set contains: 10 x Window Color 25 ml (Yellow, Orange, Ruby red, Azure blue, Rich green, Medium brown, White, Outline-black, Glitter-silver, Gold), 1 x template DIN A4 with 20 Designs
  • Water-based window colours
  • Light-fast
  • Intensive, bright, brilliant colours
  • For glass, mirrors, porcelain and tiles
  • Easy to remove without residue
  • Easy to use: paint, peel, done!

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