Marabu Glitter Pen

glitter-kiwi 561, 25 ml



Multi-purpose special effect paint in liner container. Suitable for many materials (paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, glass, textiles with up to 20% man-made textiles). Water-based. Ideal for decorations, lines and ornaments. After iron fixing or oven fixing, textiles are washable up to 40°C.
Glitter Pen: Multi-purpose effect paint in 12 colour shades for enchanting glitter effects.
Pluster Pen: Multi-purpose effect paint in 6 colour shades for velvety puff or relief effects.

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  • water-based
  • multi-purpose special effect colours
  • suitable for paper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles (max. 20% man-made fibres)
  • ideal for embellishments, lines and ornaments

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