Marabu Candle Liner set CHRISTMAS SPIRITS

10 x 25 ml



With the Candle Pen Christmas Spirits kit candles can be individually painted and written on for Christmas. Candle holders, Advent wreaths or Christmas arrangements become unique with self-made candles. Wide colour range: 10 colours.

Creamy, water-based, soft wax paint for designing candles. Odourless, light-fast and frost-proof. Techniques: paint directly on the candle or transfer the motif with the stencil. Drying time approx. 4 hours.

Content: 10 x 25 ml Candle Liner (Yellow 019, Rose pink 133, Cherry red 031, Medium blue 052, Green 216, Medium brown 040, White 070, Black 073, Metallic-silver 782, Metallic-gold 784)

  • Set with 10 x 25 ml soft wax paint for designing candles
  • Paint is water-based, odourless, light-fast and frost-proof
  • Suitable for various painting techniques

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