Marabu Candle Pen 4 Colour Assortment

4 x 25 ml



For festive occasions such as weddings, christenings, confirmations and communions, you want to create something special. This can be done easily and elegantly with the Candle Pen from Marabu. Stylish candles will make your home even more beautiful, the ambience will delight your guests and bring you much joy. The creamy, soft, water-based wax paint is odourless and lightfast. Let yourself be enchanted by the shimmering mother-of-pearl effects. Discover the diverse techniques and marvel at your own creativity.

Content: 4 x 25 ml Candle Pens (cherry red 031, black 073, metallic-silver 782, metallic-gold 784)

  • 4 Candle Pens in a Set (cherry red, black, metallic-silver, metallic-gold)
  • Creamy, soft wax paint for candle design
  • Water-based, odourless and lightfast
  • Various techniques for candle decoration possible

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