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Textile design with guaranteed success. The comprehensive range around the design and dyeing of fabrics offers 1001 possibilities for your own fashion creations.


Individual textile designs are all the rage. Whether brightly coloured or understated – turn clothing and home textiles into one-of-a-kind pieces and individual accessories in no time at all.

Shirts and sneakers in national colours, quickly jazz up the little black dress with a bit of a shimmer, bed linen in batik style, simply dye over stains on the white pair of trousers, design a banner for a birthday or a stylish silk scarf – the well thought-out range Marabu Fashion & Textile has the right product for every occasion and taste with a comprehensive colour selection of high-quality paints. Pure colour fun!


Anyone can bring their favourite style to T-shirts, bags and cushions!

Fashion & Textile Programme

Take the Fashion-Spray for fast designs on light-coloured fabrics – the water-based textile spray paint with pump system for fast design projects on light-coloured fabrics. In addition, Fashion-Shimmer offers shimmering accentual colours that are also suitable for dark-coloured fabrics. The Fashion Liners are ideally suited to embellishments and lettering. The spray paints are complemented by the Silhouette stencils with many trendy motifs.

Textil is the universal fabric painting and printing colour for light-coloured textiles, Textil Painters are pens with filter system for contours and lettering on light-coloured fabrics.

The full coverage Textil plus also works on dark-coloured fabrics. Textil Metallic and Textil Glitter as well as Textil Painter Plus and Textil Painter Glitter are also suitable for covering effects.

The Textil Design decoration spray is perfect for fast decorations and even works on materials with a high proportion of man-made fibres. However, it is not suitable for everyday clothing as it is only partially wash-resistant.

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You will find everything on stencilling, spraying, masking off and twisting and lots more great inspiration in our Fashion and Textile instruction videos.

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